Hyder Mir

Dr Hyder Mir is working as a Research Scientist and laboratory Head of Influenza Lab at Sheri Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences. Dr. Hyder has an M-Tech and Ph.D. in Biotechnology and nine years of expertise in Virology and Molecular Biology with an emphasis on epidemiological surveillance of respiratory viruses and telomere biology/genetic pathways involved in COPD. In addition to serving as a reviewer for numerous international journals, he has authored 26 peer-reviewed articles with an RG score of 25. He received the ESWI Young Scientist Award in 2021 and is the first International Scientist to get MENA ISN Research Award 2021 for the best paper. Dr. Hyder will be joining as a Post-doctoral associate in the Di Paola Lab at Washington University, St. Louis, USA in December 2022.